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If you're missing a tooth or multiple teeth, it doesn't have to spell doom for your smile. Dental implants are an exceptional solution for replacing missing teeth. At Hamden Dental Care, skilled dentists provide implants that naturally fuse into your jawbone, offering excellent support and stability for your new, natural-looking prosthetic teeth.


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Dental Implants Q & A

Dental implants are artificial roots, typically made out of titanium, that your dentist can surgically place into your upper or lower jaw bone. They provide excellent support for prosthetic teeth that are very natural looking and often enhance or restore your smile.

Implants are a popular method to replace missing teeth, which cause surrounding teeth to shift and can lead to joint pain or bite problems. Dental implants can address bite problems and restore optimal chewing, speaking, and digestion while also providing cosmetic benefits, including enhancing your smile and facial tissues.

Implants also offer added stability for partial or complete dentures, sets of replacement teeth for either some or an entire mouthful of missing teeth.

Hamden Dental Care is a one-stop shop for dental implants — every part of the process takes place with your dentist in the Hamden office. The process of getting implants requires a number of visits spread out over several months.

Your dentist takes X-rays and impressions of your jaw and teeth to determine whether your bone, gum tissue, and spacing can support an implant. If your jawbone is too thin to support an implant, your dentist may opt for a bone grafting procedure, which involves grafting special material onto your jawbone and waiting several months for new, strong bone-like tissue to form.

To place your implant, your dentist numbs the treatment area then surgically inserts the implant into your jawbone. The area takes about six months to heal while the implant integrates itself on to the bone.  

After a healing period, your dentist attaches your artificial teeth to the implant, providing excellent stability and comfort. Your dentist provides care instructions when your treatment is completed.

Dental implants are solid and durable. As long as you maintain your regular dental visits and practice good oral hygiene, there's no reason your implants shouldn't last a lifetime. However, on occasion, they will have to be re-tightened or replaced due to normal wear and tear or natural changes in your mouth as you age.

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